What courses are available?

8BallCoach.com has three levels of coaching courses: Pub, Club & Tour Level.  They could also be described as Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.  Each course has been carefully constructed to contain all the necessary information a player needs to attain a certain standard in the fastest possible time. 
All members of 8BallCoach.com start with the 'Pub Course'. 

There are three very good reasons why you need to
start at the beginning, whatever your standard.
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How are the lessons presented?

Each lesson consists of a streaming video presented by our coach, Steve Daking.  Steve talks to camera, much as he would to a player who has visited him for private coaching.  He might then demonstrate a shot - if appropriate there will be video of the shot in slow motion or from different angles.  There are also animated graphics that help to explain the shot if needed.
A typical video lesson might be made up of Steve talking to camera, a demonstration and a diagram - as illustrated below:
Most of the video lessons are between 2 & 10 minutes long, although there are some demonstration videos that are longer.  Once a member, you can view the lessons over and over again until you properly understand the subject.  Unlike many instructional videos, there is no padding - there are not endless slow motion replays from different angles, or arty shots of the balls which add little to the content - what you get is Steve passing on information throughout each lesson just as he would if you were at the table with him.
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