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Hello and welcome to 8BallCoach.com.  Professional Pool Coaching online.

8BallCoach.com is dedicated to making you the very best pool player you can be. On this website we present broadcast quality video shot in our own studio to provide you with the definitive guide to playing, improving and winning at your favourite sport.
My name is Steve Daking, I am the Head of Coaching of the World Eightball Pool Federation, the English Pool Association and the Universities Pool Council.
I provide all the tuition on the website. You can find out more about me and how 8BallCoach.com got started by clicking here.

The three courses on this website take you through every aspect of the game. From how to hold the cue correctly, to clearing the table consistently. All the necessary skills are explained here to take you from success in the local pub, to the 8 Ball International Pool Tour.

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Every element of the game has been closely examined, analysed and presented in easy to understand video clips. This is not just a collection of diagrams or an ebook - this is high quality video, professionally edited. Currently I have over 150 lessons online.

I believe that the easiest way to learn something is to be shown how, and our content does just that; as well as live action, there are graphics to illustrate each point, and when things happen a bit quick, slow motion replays enable you to see how the balls interact. There is no waffle here, every frame on screen goes towards making you a better pool player.
The key to getting the most out of any sport is knowing how to play the game, at 8BallCoach.com we reveal the secrets to getting consistent results.
You can learn at your own pace.  When you sign up to 8BallCoach.com you get lifetime membership, and can watch the clips time and time again until you fully understand how the shots work. My aim is not just to teach you how to play, but to give you deep understanding of the mechanics of the sport, so that in the future you can diagnose any problems that might creep into your game.
I have split the content into three separate courses, each course contains everything you need to know to get to a particular standard. Before you join, you should be aware that you need to put the work in to improve your game. There is no way around that, there are no magic instructions to make you a great pool player overnight—that comes from practice and experience.
What I can do is save you a lot of time and wasted effort, I can speed the whole process up for you. I can pass on to you the benefit of my many years of experience as a full time pool professional, and I can show you what you need to practice so that you can improve your game in the shortest possible time.

Playing great pool is about being consistent and winning. I can help you with both of those, so join today and let’s get started.

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