Frequently Asked Questions.


Can I join on a monthly basis?

We decided it would be better to deliver a whole course rather than try to drip feed the lessons. Learning to play the game takes time, it’s difficult to make any real progress in a short time. Players who sign up all want to work on different bits of their game, so it is impossible to guess how to roll the content out on a monthly basis to a new user. We think it is better to deliver a whole course for a flat fee and give adequate time to master what is involved. That way there is real improvement and you get value for your money.

Do I need any third party software to view the videos?

To view the videos all you need is a browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and Adobe Flash Player.  Click here to get the latest version.  If you can view the videos in the public preview sections of then you will have no problem viewing the video inside the members area.  

If I am not happy with my purchase what will you do about it?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service. If you are not happy with your purchase for whatever reason and we have not resolved the issue, then we will be happy to refund your fees in full as long as you contact us within 7 working days of the start of your membership.  Click here for more information about our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is Steve available for private coaching?

Steve coaches a small number of students on a private basis. However, he spends most of his time on corporate entertainment and other projects, so places are strictly limited. For more information about the courses on offer contact us.

Is Steve available for Exhibitions?

Steve performs a limited number of Exhibitions each year in between his other commitments.  Dates are strictly limited, visit for information about the live entertainment on offer. 

Will I learn any trickshots inside this website?


No, this website deals with the serious side of the sport, although some of the shots that you can learn inside are quite impressive! If it's trickshots you are after, you can learn lots of Steve's trickshots at

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