SAM Leisure are official sponsors of and supply all the equipment used in our lesson videos. When we first conceived the idea of online pool coaching, it soon became apparent that we would need the assistance of a major cuesports manufacturer.  We approached SAM while we were still in the planning stage and they were happy to help.
The SAM Atlantic in the Studio Liam Barrett

Liam Barrett of SAM explains, "When Steve came to us with the idea for the website, we were very impressed.  We could see that it was going to be a huge project for him and his team, and something that we just had to get involved in.  I went and had a look at the studio before the paint was dry, Steve showed me some scripts and some of his earlier video work. We came on board there and then."

SAM sent their table fitters down with the new SAM Atlantic pool table which features in the videos. 

It's very easy for a player to endorse a sponsors products, but in this case Steve has no difficulty in putting his stamp on the SAM Atlantic, "I had played on these tables before, and was always impressed with the consistency of the table.  Somehow the whole thing just feels more solid.  It was only when the fitters arrived to install it that I saw inside and just how much build quality there is beneath the veneers. When you look closely, you can see that lot's of work has gone into the design - details like the moulded pockets - all those little touches mean you get a better game on the table."

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